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I come in peace and with picture!

Hello~ everyone. My alias is Roon, call me whatever you want, like "the one weirdo" or the "wanna-be artist" or "Roon". I'm okay with anything. XDDD; I draw like a woman possessed and listen to music like it's my life. I watch A LOT of anime and read lots of fanfiction(all yaoi though- ha ha ha!) but I also read normal books too! I play loads of video games. The most recent ones being Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne(what a mouthful. @_@ or would it be a handful in this case?) and FF XI online. ^______^

I got Last Exile as a Christmas present, the first three DVDs, and I am addicted~ I know I'm nowhere near the ending, so there's loads of stuff silly little me doesn't know. >_@; But with peaking at my Newtype I know a little bit of stuff I'm not supposed to know-kukukuku.

Well then, I mostly draw(or try to heh heh *shifty eyes*) A LOT. So with pretty wonderful adorable, (somewhat) drawable Dio, I had to draw him. Had to. There's no other way~ and plus Luciola is very pretty as well (I think it's his ears. Or the hair. Gotta be the hair *_*). They're both pretty and I do like drawing pretty things. Too bad all I have are sketches of them now. XDDD; I rarely write. RARELY. And when I do, I rarely (RARELY) finish whatever it is I start. XD;
<3 I give you all crappy, quick oekaki. But it's Dio! so it's all good. *nod nod*
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