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I have developed one of the strangest attractions and psuedo-obsessions with Cicada. I mean, I adore Luciola and he will always be my favorite, but Cicada is so enigmatic I can't help but be superglued to the screen.

Over the course of winter break I had a few episodes of LE on my DVR that I watched numerous times and with heavy use of the pause/go button. I transcribed Lady Delphine's entire solliloquy on the Guild just before the Trial of Agoon, sketched the various forehead markings of Dio, Luciola and Cicada, and even jotted down the Sword of the Covenant. It's just so... cult-y to me, I love it all. (On the website Vanship Soaring there's a section dedicated to the Greek references in LE. <3!)

So much, in fact, I may attempt a Cicada-centered fic (probably one-shot) detailing some facts and some fictions and.. generally, having a good time. (Another recommendation is the fic "Pinwheel Libertines" on MediaMiner which is also a Guild-centric fic. A lot of creativity, too~)

But. I WISH I COULD DRAW SO I COULD DRAW MORE IMAGES OF CICADA! Because there are a grand total of like, four out there. *sadface* I also want to RP him, but that requires more people than I know, as well as more information that just isn't readily available. *picky*

Anyway. That's what's been on my mind lately. Ciao.
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