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Fic: For I Speak Not Loud Or Long

Dead community? That would be too bad. Well, one way or another, as there's not a lot of active LE fandom out there... I might as well bring fic in case there's ever a revival.

Title: For I Speak Not Loud Or Long
Author: ravenclaw42
Fandom: Last Exile
Character(s): Dio, Lucciola, Delphine, Cicada
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I no own. Please to not be suing now.
Summary: Lucciola met his older brother once before he met Dio -- before was given a name.
Notes: One of 100 LE stories I'm writing for fanfic100. I've paired each of the 100 prompts with a quote from one of four long T.S. Eliot poems, and the title is taken from that quote. This is prompt #22, "Enemies" The poem quote is at the end and is from "The Waste Land."

LINK: Royal bodyguards were a caste apart from even the highest of servants.
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