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Guilder Fans Unite+

Only for the good of those who appreciate them!

Last Exile Guilder Fans!
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Welcome To The first Last Exile Guilder Fan Community!

Q: What's this all about?
Well, this community is to bring together everyone who loves the Guild members from the anime series Last Exile!

Q: Why make a Guild community?
Because its fun. :3
Well, actually, I'm a big fan of the Guild, and I'd like to post some things of them up here. <3

Q: Rules?
Indeedy there are rules!
-Keep things under an LJ-cut. If you don't know how to do that, here's the code: < lj-cut text = "blahblahlook under here "> insert stuff here < / lj- cut > No spaces though, people. :D
-Fanfics are to be put under a cut as well, and a warning if its smutty.
-Please, Guild-only topics or subjects! If you'd like to talk about all-around Last Exile things, please go here --> overthesky
-Have fun and post as many times as you'd like! And topics on discussing things always make people happy.

Q: Are you obsessed?
Yes. Yes I am.

Q: Where can I contact you?
On AIM or Yahoo IM of course! If not, my e-mail is always for the taking.
AIM: DORKalong
Yahoo!Im: twenty_fourhours
E-mail: thatkendogirl@hotmail.com

Q: I have an LE community/site/RPG that I'd like to promote and become affiliates with you! Will you accept this?
Of course! Promote things, be an affiliate, its all good.

Q: Er, what's up with the ":<" face?
Simple. Lucciola always looks "so happy". Its a joke sort of, to be honest. ^^; But I call it my Lucciola face of certain DOOM. You may use it as well. XD;

Other LE Communities:
overthesky: A basic all-around Last Exile community!
cloudedsymphony : My Last Exile RPG. Feel free to ask questions about this as well. We need new members!
exile_symphony : A Last Exile icon community. :3

Last Exile sites:
xxx will be updated SOON xxx