The comm revival starts...


I came bearing fic, everyone! It probably isn't very good, but leave some constructive criticism anyway. Please?

 Title: Firefly's Light, 1/?
Author: lilith_queen
Pairing: None yet, eventual Dio/Luciola.
Rating: T
Warning(s): Spoilers for the end of the series, blatant use of commas and run-on sentences, gratuitous use of the principle of reincarnation
Summary: Luciola is dead. This is only a temporary setback. 


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Hello all


I'm new to this community. My favorite character is Dio, he is quite playful and cute. And my 2nd fav is Luciola, he is always out trying to protect Dio.

I of course like the Guild, think they are a quite interesting and advanced race. I also like their geometric ships, like the star, that can walk around on all fours.
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Dio - eternal youth

Fic: For I Speak Not Loud Or Long

Dead community? That would be too bad. Well, one way or another, as there's not a lot of active LE fandom out there... I might as well bring fic in case there's ever a revival.

Title: For I Speak Not Loud Or Long
Author: ravenclaw42
Fandom: Last Exile
Character(s): Dio, Lucciola, Delphine, Cicada
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I no own. Please to not be suing now.
Summary: Lucciola met his older brother once before he met Dio -- before was given a name.
Notes: One of 100 LE stories I'm writing for fanfic100. I've paired each of the 100 prompts with a quote from one of four long T.S. Eliot poems, and the title is taken from that quote. This is prompt #22, "Enemies" The poem quote is at the end and is from "The Waste Land."

LINK: Royal bodyguards were a caste apart from even the highest of servants.

Just one question...

Just one question about the Guild. Where are the women? Aside from those two scary pilots and Delphine, we never see any other female Guild members. And, is it just me, or do they seem like elfic-vampire hybrids? They've got the pointy ears and fine-boned features, but they move like vampires and are unbelieveably pale. Hmmm...


I'm never very good at these introductions. *waves to all* But ever since I saw Last Exile, I've been madly in love with all things Guild, not to mention Dio. *drools*
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We are friends
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Colour bars.

Does anyone know of any Dio and/or Lucciola, or just a Last Exile-themed colour bar? Or of anyone who'd might make one?

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introduction, kinda

Hello everyone, new member here - I thought I should post some kind of introduction ^^
I'm from Stockholm (are there any other swedish LE fans around here, btw?), so you'll have to excuse my bad grammar and spelling ;p I only started watching LE about a week ago, since my brother bought the DVD box, and now I'm completely OBSESSED with it O__o My favorite characters are of course Dio and Lucciola because they're the cutest couple ever and Dio/Lucciola fic is hott, but I really like Alex as well. Or rather, at the beginning I thought he was the biggest jerk ever because of the way he treated Sophia (the hair thing was just hilarious, tho XD), but yeah, he's pretty awesome after all.
I like to write but I'm not very good at it, and I never ever finish anything. I enjoy reading fanfic as long as it's well written and Sue-free - if any of you guys have any recomendations that would be awesome and greatly appriciated! :D
... And now I really can't think of anything else to write about, so yeah. I'm looking forward to getting to know y'all a bit better! ^^

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Fanfic Update: Pinwheel Libertines

Title: Pinwheel Libertines
Chapter: Chapter 3 - Becoming Luciola (Part One)
Genre: Drama, Angst, Action/Adventure
Rating: T - Age 13+
Main Characters: Dio, Luciola, Delphine, Cicada (As well as other Guild members.)
Spoilers: Takes place before Last Exile anime series, but may contain foreshadowing nonetheless.

Story Summary: Starting at the Guild Rebellion, follow the events that lead up to Last Exile on the Guild side of the coin.

Chapter Summary: For one, lessons are boring. For another, they are a struggle to merely survive. Cicada's motives are questioned, and Delphine's pets are fed. The whereabouts of the rebels of House Hamilton are revealed.

Click here to read Chapter 3 of "Pinwheel Libertines" - Becoming Luciola (Part One).

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