Slammin' Flower Child and Convoy Butterfly (angrybee) wrote in guildersunite,
Slammin' Flower Child and Convoy Butterfly

Fanfic Update: Pinwheel Libertines

Title: Pinwheel Libertines
Chapter: Chapter 3 - Becoming Luciola (Part One)
Genre: Drama, Angst, Action/Adventure
Rating: T - Age 13+
Main Characters: Dio, Luciola, Delphine, Cicada (As well as other Guild members.)
Spoilers: Takes place before Last Exile anime series, but may contain foreshadowing nonetheless.

Story Summary: Starting at the Guild Rebellion, follow the events that lead up to Last Exile on the Guild side of the coin.

Chapter Summary: For one, lessons are boring. For another, they are a struggle to merely survive. Cicada's motives are questioned, and Delphine's pets are fed. The whereabouts of the rebels of House Hamilton are revealed.

Click here to read Chapter 3 of "Pinwheel Libertines" - Becoming Luciola (Part One).

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