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The comm revival starts...


I came bearing fic, everyone! It probably isn't very good, but leave some constructive criticism anyway. Please?

 Title: Firefly's Light, 1/?
Author: lilith_queen
Pairing: None yet, eventual Dio/Luciola.
Rating: T
Warning(s): Spoilers for the end of the series, blatant use of commas and run-on sentences, gratuitous use of the principle of reincarnation
Summary: Luciola is dead. This is only a temporary setback. 


As he took the ring, as his consciousness shattered into a million tiny pieces, one single thought flashed into Luciola’s mind.


Lord Dio…


Everything was cold, overwhelming cold, he couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t think. Except at the very end.


I never told him I loved him.




At that very moment, in a Norkia hospital, a young man lay in a hospital bed, hooked up to life support. The doctor turned to her nurse and shook her head sadly. “There’s no hope for him. His body’s just fine, but there’s no brain activity. We might as well pull the plug.”


The nurse nodded briskly and reached for the switch in the respirator. “Yes, Doctor. It’s such a shame, though. A young man like this, dying from a fall down the stairs. And nobody even came to visit him at all…I suppose he doesn’t have any family.”


The switch was pulled.


Curtos Atreides died.


And in that moment, Luciola of the Guild was reborn.




Dio woke up with a start. This isn’t the Guild! Where am I?


It was a vast, well-furnished room, and he was lying on a bed with soft sheets—sheets which were nearly thrown to the floor in his hurry to get out. He giggled quietly to himself as he crept out of the room. I know what I’ll do. I’ll find Luciola, and we’ll go flying together! It’ll be so much fun. Now, where to find a ship…


He eventually came across a vanship, deep in the hangar of what he had come to realize was a mansion. As quietly as possible, he heaved himself into the pilot’s seat.


Time to go flying!




Luciola sat up in bed, glaring at the nurse who was taking blood from him. “I told you, I’m perfectly fine.” Then he winced. My voice sounds so hoarse.


The doctor mopped her forehead with a handkerchief. She had sagged into the nearest available chair, almost fainting from the shock of seeing a dead man open his eyes. “You may feel fine, but we’ll see once the tests come back. You were unconscious for six months, you know.”


Luciola thought for a moment. Now’s a good a time as any to find out about what happened. “Actually, my memory isn’t that great. Can you maybe tell me how I got here?”


The doctor shrugged. “You fell down a flight of stairs and sustained a very nasty blow to the head. We were about to pull the plug, but I suppose we won’t be needing to now, Mr. Atreides.”




Finally, hours later, after the doctor and the nurse had taken blood samples and urine samples and tested his reflexes and all the thousand other things which needed to be checked after one rose from the dead were complete, Luciola got up from the hospital bed and checked the hospital chart at its foot.


Name: Curtos Atreides. Age: 19. Height: 5’10. Weight: 175 lbs. Injuries consistent with a fall down a flight of stairs; fractured skull and multiple contusions. Address: 1047 512th street, Norkia.


…Norkia? That’s where Claus said he was from. Now that I know who I am, I suppose I’d better get an idea of what I look like.


He went into the tiny attached bathroom. There was a mirror there.


He stared at his face. It was not his face, not the face he was used to seeing. It was narrower, more angular, and the eyes were a vivid green instead of a clear blue. His hair was different, too, a shaggy dark brown instead of a close-cropped platinum blond. There was a thick fuzz of facial hair. He turned his attention to the rest of his body; slim, not as muscular as it could be, and with a slightly darker skin tone than he used to have.


So…I died. I died, and now I’m back. In this body.


It was clear to him what he had to do. He had been reborn for some purpose, he was sure. And that purpose was to find Dio.


The Guild would not stop him. Cicada was dead. Lack of money, lack of transportation, the disadvantage of having no earthly idea where to find his master; these would not stop him.


I will find him. It may take me years; I have no idea where to begin looking; but I will find him. Because I am Lord Dio’s friend. And I love him.

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